"Dream Diary"

Dream Diary is my SCAD Senior Thesis film about a sequence of bizarre dreams (or nightmares) that take place over the course of one night, completed in the Spring of 2016. My goal with this short was to capture the strange, unpredicatble, almost-logic that dreams can have. They include but are not limited to a robot romance, a tiny city, an oral fixation and a very weird dog. The film was boarded in Storyboard Pro and animated in Toon Boom Harmony, and the backgrounds were painted in Photoshop CS5.  



Visual Development


Anna Hill

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Ghost is a short about a girl who sees something strange in the woods. Boarded in Storyboard Pro and animated in Toon Boom Harmony, with layouts done in Photoshop CS4, completed at SCAD in Spring 2015. With this short I really wanted to experiment with creating a tone of unease through a close combo of sound design and visuals. 


Visual Development