A raccoon steals a burger from a hungry & determined little girl. Made in Storyboard Pro in 2017.

Annie and Ashley

Two girls find a cursed nerf gun (and a camera) cleaning out their attic. This project is a little on the longer side so above is most of the final product! Made in Storyboard Pro in 2018.

Board Thumbnails

Character Concepts


"The Secrets of Isis"

This was a silly fake television intro made for a real live-action 70's show titled "The Secrets of Isis". Made in Storyboard Pro at SCAD 2016.


Find someone whose demons are compatible with yours. Made in Photoshop CS4 & Adobe After Effects at SCAD 2015.

"Dream Diary"

The original animatic for my short film, "Dream Diary". Made in Storyboard Pro at SCAD 2015.

"The Dogfather"


A practice test for Blue Sky.

Made in Photoshop CS5 in 2016.

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